Razed Roof

Charity No. 1128337 from March 2

           "This is a dedicated company of people whose enthusiasm for theatre strengthens their outlook on life"    Ben Thomas National Theatre    

Audience comments about 'Our Version of Indian Summer'

  A superb piece of inclusive theatre..... at its best.

.........mesmerised with the use of colour and movement in the performance

......a joy to behold

.......I love the way the different people of all different ages and very different
abilities all work together to make it happen: it’s amazing.

.....Brilliant.I also absolutely loved it.

........the kite scene actually had me near to tears, it was very spiritual and moving.

....I love those scenes when the whole cast is on stage and everyone contributes
to whatever is going on: that’s what Razed Roof is so good at.

......I wanted to get up and join in with the dance at the end.

.....Superb acting, thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.

We are delighted to announce that Catherine Ridge has raised over £1,800 for Razed Roof.

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The launch of the new Razed Roof Logo
Simon and the group present flowers to designer Christine Stretham

Razed Roof  received funding from The Heritage Lottery Fund

to research the history of Harlow and its sculptures, resulting in the production: 'InForm'.

Dear Annette and Razed Roof friends,
Well done for taking Harlow Playhouse by storm once again last night.
There was a great atmosphere and at the end of the evening two words were echoing all around me
 - those two beautiful words - "Razed Roof" - you are certainly the Pride and Joy of Harlow.
Keep up the good work - wonderful, wonderful people.   (Ian Beckett)


"The best yet!" was one response.

           "This is a dedicated company of people whose
             enthusiasm for theatre strengthens their outlook on life"

Ben Thomas
National Theatre

"It was one of the most moving examples of
reverence for life observed on a stage."

   Antony Thorncroft
The Financial Times

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